3 Case Studies On Scraping Solutions That Will Help You Build A Solid B2B Prospect Database

What are data scrapers?

The method

Case 1: An existing database of people

  1. Save a copy of the excel file. It’s not smart to work on the original spreadsheet.
  2. For this task, I used Snov.io’s Emails from Names tool. I uploaded a CSV file, with the person’s name, last name and job title.
  3. In the excel sheet, I deleted all the other columns and renamed them to match the requirement by Snov.io. As such, I saved it as a separate CSV file to the original file.
  4. I uploaded the file in Snov.io, and it informed me that it would cost me 198 credits if they found an email for each contact — which was acceptable and I continued with the upload.
  • No Domain (9): Row 9, 12, 19, 21, 28, 36, 158, 171, 188 — which is why Snov.io could not find their e-mail.
  • Weird name/surname (7): Row 35, 50, 53, 55, 92, 166, 173 — the name or the last name contains an unusual letter that Snov.io can’t recognize.
  • Don’t have an apparent reason (4): Row 164, 165, 184, 193 — these seem ok, but Snov.io did not process them.
  • This comprises only 10% out of the 200 leads. I tried googling the name, last name, and position and found their LinkedIn profile. Then I used Snov.io Chrome Extension — and got their e-mails. This worked on 18 out of the 20 e-mails, and it took me less than 15 min.

Case 2: Leads for catering and food ordering company

Option 1 — LinkedIn Scrapping

Option 2 — Snov.io platform

Option 2 — Snov.io platform

Case 3: SEO offering




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