• Michalis A. Michael

    Michalis A. Michael

    CEO of DMR a tech company in artificial intelligence that has cracked the code of unstructured data.

  • FullstackPho


  • Cellyfelix Ux

    Cellyfelix Ux

  • bipin karmacharya

    bipin karmacharya

    RTML developer, PHP developer/freelancer, rookie blogger, tending entrepreneur. #followback http://bipin.me

  • Ambreenkhan


  • Simple CRM System

    Simple CRM System

    http://simpleCRMsystem.com is simple spreadsheet to manage your customers, with reminders, appointments and more. Blog at: https://medium.com/simplecrmsystem

  • Mengfan Zhang

    Mengfan Zhang

  • Danche Azmanova

    Danche Azmanova

    I am a Content Writer at Sales.Rocks with a mission to educate and help readers in their marketing and sales efforts.

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