The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your LinkedIn Lead Generation

There is no such thing as enough leads. With the industry pressure on, businesses are in a rush to ensure a continuous inflow of leads. LinkedIn is becoming the best place for B2B companies to generate leads and nurture them before they convert to customers. Still, generating B2B leads on LinkedIn can be a time-consuming and costly activity that requires specific knowledge of this social platform. That is the reason why many B2B companies are outsourcing their LinkedIn lead generation.

It’s important to understand why more B2B leaders are choosing LinkedIn for their lead generation campaign. Thus, statistics confirm that:

  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.
  • 92% of B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn over all other social platforms.
  • 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content.

With so many opportunities possible on LinkedIn, why aren’t more B2B leaders using it for lead generation? Many of them want to, but their core business responsibilities don’t allow them to invest time to learn and implement the best practices. A skilled, outsourced team can help them with these concerns, leaving B2B leaders to focus on other important tasks.

Outsourcing your LinkedIn lead generation offers you numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

Benefit 1: You get qualified leads

Hiring an outsourced team means having access to experienced lead generation professionals. These experts have the necessary skills and expertise to optimize your B2B LinkedIn lead generation efforts. As a result, you won’t have to spend time, money or energy to train new employees for developing and executing lead generation campaigns. In addition, the outsourced team uses its availability and expertise to manage risks due to sudden changes in business and industry conditions.

Benefit 2: You skip time-consuming lead chasing tasks

You can’t expect instant results when you are just starting a new business or new marketing campaign. Hence, a great amount of work is required to build your contact base. The main goal here is developing a concrete strategy and creating an action plan to make the strategy work. On the other hand, an outsourcing team already comes with great experience and can deliver the results in a shorter timeframe.

Outsourcing can also be the best solution for time-consuming tasks such as:

  • Repetitive tasks (adding prospects to your database and managing all your B2B LinkedIn lead generation activities.)
  • Creative tasks (content creation and production.)
  • Specialized tasks (creating infographics or designing images for LinkedIn publications.)

Benefit 3: Cost savings

Next, the cost is one of the largest factors businesses consider when hiring new help. Even for companies with strong sales teams, outsourcing B2B LinkedIn lead generation can be beneficial. In other words, an outsourced team can provide more qualified and sales-ready leads that are closer to purchase the solution you offer. As a result of qualified leads from outsourced efforts flowing in, sellers shorten the time that it takes to turn them into customers.

It should be noted that hiring an outsourced B2B LinkedIn lead generation team allows you and your employees to access new skills, experience, and expertise at a fixed monthly rate. The advantage here is that outsourced services can target, generate, and nurture B2B LinkedIn leads instead of you. Lead generation experts will offer your sales team higher quality leads that will help your business grow and your revenue too.

Benefit 4: You can focus on other tasks

Managing a sales team can be a challenging, time-consuming and energy-intensive task as well. This includes new employee onboarding and training them on how they can transmit your brand message in the best way possible to potential clients. But if you outsource, you save yourself a lot of time, money and energy; these being the three main facets of the corporate world. In other words, by outsourcing, you can invest this time and energy into other core tasks. Valuable time can be utilized to focus on creating marketing campaigns and formulating new strategies for your business.

Furthermore, when you want to communicate with prospects, your sales team will require equipment. Thus, they will need computers, phones and software to implement their activities. But when you outsource to a LinkedIn lead generation service, they will come fully equipped with the essential software that is required for the job. This can save you time and money on infrastructural development too.


In brief, keeping a sales operation efficient means providing it with a constant flow of good leads. For a business (especially if it is a start-up) to sustain growth and reach its next milestone, it needs an effective method for generating new leads and filling the pipeline. As a result, outsourcing lead generation can do that for you and it will balance quantity, quality, and price.

Moreover, many business owners don’t have a concrete action plan when trying to get their product or service in front of their targeted audience. That’s where BizzBee Solution's service for LinkedIn lead generation can step in and help with a solid, outsourced lead generation program that will boost your business.

Here at BizzBee Solutions, we work hard to make sure we go above and beyond when it comes to understanding your niche and who your targeted prospects are. Moreover, we want to help you build your database with high-quality B2B leads and help you grow your business through our outsourced lead generation program, the same way we have for more than 250 companies worldwide to date.

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We help B2B high-ticket service providers proactively reach out to their ideal clients, build relationships, and close more clients.

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BizzBee Solutions

BizzBee Solutions

We help B2B high-ticket service providers proactively reach out to their ideal clients, build relationships, and close more clients.

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