The Difference Between Email Marketing And Email Outreach

What is email outreach?

What is email marketing?

The right time to use email outreach

  • Expands your brand’s reach
  • Boosts your contact lists
  • Leads people into your sales funnel
  • Possible conversion of customers who are currently using competitor services

The right time to use email marketing

  • Build trust between your company and your contacts
  • Gives you a perspective on what people think about your image and brand
  • Pushes leads into sales qualified leads down the funnel
  • Converts leads to customers

It helps you nurture strong B2B relationships

Point out what makes your business/brand unique

Deliver an exquisite, first-rate content

Boost credibility as an SME.


  • Who’s your target audience?
  • What does your lead pipeline look like?
  • Which growth stage are you at?
  • Do you have subscribers?
  • How does your product/service provide value?
  • What makes you different? (What is your USP?)
  • Do you know your KPIs?
  • What is your budget?



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